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Request for Proposal


Smart Aviation is an Egyptian joint stock company established in the year 2007. The paid up capital is one hundred million Dollars ($100,000,000 USD).
The Shareholders are five Governmental owned bodies:  Developing and Supporting Fund of Civil Aviation, National Investment Bank, EgyptAir Holding Company, Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Navigations, National Company for Air Navigation& Holding Financing Company for Civil Aviation.
Smart Aviation is a multifunction company. It owns and operates many types of aircraft in different fields such as: scheduled and chartered passenger transportation, business jet, air ambulance &airports and navigations inspection and calibration. The company also provides FBO services at Cairo International Airport.

Smart aviation is the first and only company in the Arab World that provides the helicopter services of washing the insulators of the high voltage electrical power lines. Since November 2011 and till now, the service is provided through leased helicopters.
In order to expand its activities and covering additional network area in the field of washing electrical insulators in Egypt and the surrounding countries, the company has decided to purchase a number of helicopters according to the following REF:

Terms and Conditions of the RFP

I.This RFP is issued for Smart Aviation to purchase three (3) light Helicopters, single engine with provision to install a Washing kit and Gyro Stabilized Infra-Red Camera.The early delivery of the aircraft - in addition to other financial, operational, and technical factors - will be an advantage in the competition as per this tender.

II. Number of  aircraft to be purchased:
As a firm order:  three (3) aircraft  
As an Option   :  three (3) aircraft
Delivery          :  Ex Factory (EXW) and as soon as possible

III.   General Requirements:
1- Aircraft specifications and performance must satisfy and comply with the latest Egyptian Civil Aviation Regulations requirements.( ECAR Parts 27, 91&121 )
2- Aircraft type certificate must be validated by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority(ECAA).
3- The aircraft must have the provision to install a Washing kit and a Gyro Stabilized Infra-Red Camera each of them has its STC released from the FAA and/or the EASA.
4- Smart Aviation has the full right and capacity to cancel the tender at any time and not to go ahead with the whole RFP or any part of it without giving any justification and without any types of responsibilities whatsoever.
5- To comply with Smart Aviation Technical requirements defined in article ’IV’ below.
6- Quoted price should include all Smart Aviation’s requirements. The price should be for ex-factory in US Dollars, fixed for the firm order of three (3) aircraft and for the option (3 aircraft) as well.
7- A separate quoted price for “Power-by-the Hour” is required for the Engine and for the Dynamic components as well.
8-The offer should provide a General and detailed Guarantee for the “Aircraft and Engine Performance”, in addition to a detailed warranty policy declaring terms and conditions which covers the aircraft structure (crack free life), Power plant, Avionics, and all other aircraft systems and components. The aircraft manufacturer responsibility should include all vendors’ warranties.
9- The offer should declare the total number of aircraft working in the electrical insulator washing Field, and the operators’ names and contact information.
10- The offer should be valid until 31/12/2014.
11- Offers should be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes: One marked (Technical), contains all technical and operational related matters. The other marked (Financial) contains as a draft of purchase agreement, in addition to the details of the financial related matters(such as Securing Loans or Financing(if applicable)
12- Smart Aviation’s down payment shall be against a letter of guarantee from a first-class Bank in Egypt
13- Offers will be technically and financially evaluated based on Smart Aviation requirements.
14- Smart Aviation decision will be made to the best combined (technical& financial) evaluation.
15- Offers will be addressed to:
Smart Aviation
Cairo Airport Road, Next to Hall #4
Helicopter Limited Tender
Attention: Chairman & Managing Director
16- Offers should be delivered either by hand or through express mail to the above mentioned address, not later than 31/8/2014 [Closing Date].
17-  Any clarifications or questions concerning this tender should be directed not later than a week before the closing date to:
Engineer: Nagy Fayed
Assistant Chairman for Technical Affairs
E-mail Address       :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
18-  Smart Aviation will announce the Bidder of best offer on the 1st of October, 2014.
19-  Negotiation, Finalization, and signing the contract with the bidder of best offer during the month of August, 2014.
20-  The final signature of the contract is subject to Smart Aviation’s Board of Directors approval.

IV.  Smart Aviation Technical Requirements
The proposal should include the following:
1-The detailed specifications to which the helicopter will be built.

2- Brief description and operation of each ACFT system
3-Aircraft major equipment and components’ Vendors.
4- The aircraft will be capable to perform its mission in harsh environment (sandy, hot, and humid). The offer should include performance guarantee for hot weather operation.
5- The aircraft should be capable to provide maximum stability during Hovering.
6- The aircraft must be equipped with all protection and safety features for operation and Hovering in desert environment.
7- The aircraft should be equipped with GPS tracking system.
8-  List of all applicable ADs against aircraft type (EASA, FAA & TC).
9-  Number of delivered aircraft sorted by years, firm orders issued to date sorted by region, and names of operators in service.
10- Last operators’ conference book.(If available)
11- Record of aircraft accidents and incidents.
12- Current aircraft standard options and STCs.
13- Fleet statistics and Reliability data.
14- Technical publications:-
 Followings documents are required per each aircraft:
(a)    One copy of all mandatory documents on board ACFT.
(b)    Two hard copies of all applicable manuals.
(c)    Two sets of electronic manuals (on CDs).
(d)    Technical manuals online accessibility on website.
(e)    Free revision service of all publications for five year after last aircraft delivery.          
15-    Training requirements (per each ACFT):
(a)    Flight Crew                                                 : (2) Pilots
(b)    Maintenance crew:
(1)    Airframe and Power-plant line maintenance   : (3) Engineers
(2)    Electrical and Avionics line maintenance         : (3) Engineers
16-    The Manufacturer is responsible to provide licensed technician to sign off the aircraft in the   start-up period (six month)


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